Practise First

I chose New Look 6483 as my first pattern and used some fabric I’d been given. The pattern has five neckline variations, sleeved and sleeveless options. I selected option E, a rounded neck with narrower shoulder straps – a shape I know suits me. The pattern instructions were easy to follow and I felt immense satisfaction learning how the facings come together in the finished garment.


I breezed through the darts using The Dressmakers Technique Bible (a fantastic Christmas present and my inspiration to expand my sewing ambitions). I was able to try out the technique of Hong Kong finished seams too. However, I used some scrap fabric which was too heavy and I made the strips too wide so my side seams are a little stiff and bulky – it was a good learning process though!Image

Another bulky area is where the side vents meet the hem – I really struggled to understand the pattern instructions. I think I have misinterpreted them – any tips?


Button selection was fun…


The final photo shows my glaring error in matching the fabric pattern at the back centre seem but my triumphant achievement in getting the tricky back neckline and facing to sit neatly.



Comments, tips and suggestions?

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