Post-Practise Planning

My practise at New Look 6483 went better than I expected… certainly it hasn’t made me consider giving up my new sewing venture. I’m now more motivated to make something wearable.

I made a number of scribbles in my note book in an effort to plan for the next garment:

– French seams may work better and I’ll be referring to a very clear set of instructions from SewNeau.
– I can afford to go a little narrower through the waist and a little wider in the hips and still get the top on over my head. Any more will make it impossible to put on  so I’m resigned to accepting that this is a loose fitting top but have remembered to consider this when choosing new patterns.
– I still don’t understand the instructions for the vents but I’ve closely inspected the vent of a skirt and think that I can use a trimmed/mitred corner method.
– There are too many decisions to make when the possibilities of fabric and buttons are infinite… but I’ve narrowed it down a little!



Comments, tips and suggestions?

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