Royal Blue Barmy

I don’t know what it is that naturally draws me to royal blue but it’s a colour that works well with my skin tone and hair colour. I’m learning that it’s important to pick fabric that I really like and that suits me. Not only that but it made me really concentrate and take my time over every small detail – because I really wanted to be able to wear this once it was finished.


This time making New Look 6483 was much smoother than the practise run. The French seams worked a treat, the vents (well one side at least) did not get me too flustered and all my other changes have led to a better fitting top.



4 responses to “Royal Blue Barmy

  1. This looks fab. Your vents looked fine to me in the photos. I can’t see any hint of problems. I can’t tell if you hemmed then stitched round the vent or stitched and pivoted in a single motion. Is that what was confusing about the instructions?

    • I tried to make the vent then the hem which made the corners really bulky. Trimming helped a bit but I’m still not happy with the finish – mostly because the French seams meant that one half of each vent was facing the wrong way and I wasn’t sure how to overcome this.


    Did you opt for French seams in order to finish the inside neatly or was the fabric fraying a lot? If it was just to neaten and the fabric is very light and too much bulk would show, next time I would turn over the sides of the pieces [in the seam allowance] and stitch very close to the edge, like a very mini hem, press and then sew together in the usual way, pressing the seam open. you would then need to clip for the vents to turn the fabric over again for the hem, this might be enough. If the fabric can stand it a Hong Kong finish might be better. It looks good and balanced and the finish is good, you’ll enjoy wearing it I’m sure.

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