Tentatively Tackling Zips

I confess to having a fear of sewing zips. To prevent this fear from holding me back in my quest to develop my sewing skills I must tackle it head on and early. A girl simply can’t go on selecting patterns that don’t require a zip indefinitely.

Make-up bag1

I whipped up this make-up bag with fabric leftover from my royal blue top and some navy cotton leftover from curtain making. I covered the ends of the zip first then sandwiched the zip sides between the inner and outer fabrics. When I sewed up the sides of the bag, I left a small gap in the inner fabric for turning and hand stitched this shut afterwards.

Make-up bag2The zip part required careful reading of my sewing machine users guide and apart from a few little wobbles (being overly critical) it looks good. Certainly good enough for a make-up bag. I guess the next progression is zips on a curve or in a dress and understanding the different methods of inserting. The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible has a good chapter on this which I shall be studying.


2 responses to “Tentatively Tackling Zips

  1. that’s one tidy zipper! I always fail at zipper pouches – it’s the corners that get me – they always come out a bit off.

    • Hi Shivani,
      Yes, it’s fairly tidy but it’s on a straight, flat piece of fabric. I’m not so confident about tackling a zip on a garment just yet.
      Corners need a little extra trimming of the seam allowance, some careful but gentle pushing out from the inside (using something bluntly pointy like a medium knitting needle, closed pair of scissors or a pen with the point retracted) and a firm press with the iron to get them neat.

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