Stash Delve: Knitting Needle Case

Delving into my newly acquired stash I pulled out a beautiful embroidered jade colour silk-like fabric. Unfortunately the dimensions weren’t right and the placement of the image was completely off for a See Kate Sew envelope clutch (although it is still on my ‘to make’ list).

knitting needle case 2Instead, I made a knitting needle case using information from tutorials by Lupinbunny and madebyloulabelle  to help me design the case and inner pocket.

knitting needles case 3

The fabric was already pretty stiff so there was no need for interfacing. With the heavy black cotton lining fabric too, the whole thing became really bulky to top stitch even with some serious trimming of the seam allowances. As you can see it’s a tad messy!

knitting needles case 1

It is even too stiff to roll without force. So I omitted the ribbon ties and opted for Velcro to secure the flap down. I think I like it better as a flat case because it stores really easily on my book shelf.


One response to “Stash Delve: Knitting Needle Case

  1. Funny, I’m working on a tutorial for a knitting needle roll right now. I love the fabric you used for yours!

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