Your stash… acquired or accumulated?

I’ve read many times on sewing blogs about stashes of fabric, pledges to use up stashes and promises not to add to a stash. I’ve seen the images of tumbling stashes, shelved stashes and highly organised by colour or weight stashes. But how did the stash come to be?

For me, my small stash (probably not even worthy of stash status) of leftover curtain fabric was accumulated over a few years of curtain and blind making for family and my own house.

aquired stashThis week my stash expanded exponentially when I acquired someone else’s stash. This acquisition was advertised as “spare fabric” and the small fuzzy photo made it hard to see the type or quantity of fabric available. I responded to the advert and collected the next day… 6 black bin bags of fabric.

It took me two hours to sort through it and much longer to wash, iron and fold it.

destined for toilesAbout half is destined to be used for making toiles – 100% polyester, hideous patterns, stains or manufacturing faults. A bin bag of small pieces has been passed on to a quilting friend, much to her delight. The remainder is a mixture of woven fabrics. There’s some nice suiting, a few different colours of raw silk, some plain and patterned cotton, black crepe, black cord (lots of black cord!) and plenty I haven’t been able to identify too.

IMG_3002I couldn’t believe my luck so I called the generous giver to ask if I could pay her something for it – after an emotional conversation we both settled on me  making a donation to Cancer Research UK.

As for my acquired stash – its rather exciting and I can’t wait to match each piece to a suitable pattern.

One response to “Your stash… acquired or accumulated?

  1. That is so fantastic that your payment was a charity donation! how sweet and thoughtful!
    You are so lucky to have gotten such a brilliant stash. I particularly LOVE the orange fabric with black leaves on it. WOW!

    I am a self admitted hoarder of fabric and I am proud of it! Looks like you are well on your way to joining me xxx

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