Stash Delve: Pyrotechnic Detective

It was a dark and stormy night when I arrived on the scene of a suspected stash delve. I knew what I wanted to make. Only problem was, I couldn’t pin this case on any old scrap. I had to do some serious detective work to find out the identity of the delved fabrics.


I’d come across cases like this before so I turned to the fibre burn chart for guidance.

Evidence 1: The first item of evidence was aqua and white gingham. This curved scrap of fabric suggested to me that a bodice had been cut and removed from the scene. A fairly tight woven fabric, I had an inkling this was cotton but it could have been a blend of some sort.

Burn Test 1

I committed the worst act, I attempted to set fire to the evidence. Smelling of burning paper, the fabric burnt easily forming charred, soft grey ash. My suspicions were correct on this one.

Evidence 2: I turned my attention to the second item of evidence. Soft and fluffy, I suspected wool but maybe it was planted by the suspect to mislead me.
Burn Test 2

I set light to it but this time the flame extinguished quickly leaving crispy black ash. The smell? Burnt hair. This meant only one thing (or 4 things!): Wool (or alpaca, cashmere, llama).

Finally, I could put this case to rest (much like my creative writing career!).

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