Spring Clean: Folding, Stashing and Storing

Spring Clean Your Sewing Space

Inspired by Hannah’s Spring Clean Your Sewing Space Series, I decided to revisit my fabric storage. After washing and ironing my acquired stash three weeks ago, I ran out of energy so I just folded each piece and piled them up. Within days the slippy ones caused a fabric avalanche and even before that it was difficult to find what I was looking for or see anything to be inspired. I needed a free remedy for my fabric pile problem.

fabric folding 2

I remember seeing shopping assistants use a rectangular piece of perspex to fold clothes neatly and to the same dimensions for a table display. I improvised with a cardboard backed A4 envelope. First I folded the sides of the fabric in around the envelope.

fabric folding 2

fabric folding 4

Then I slipped the envelope out and placed it near the top of the newly formed column of fabric.

fabric folding 5Then I folded around the envelope, tucking the cut edges in before the final fold.

fabric folding 7

Finally I slipped the envelope out and stored it with my uniformly folded stash for future use!

aquired stash

I’ve also put some order to my fabric piles: Mostly suiting and heavy weights in the back pile (they’ll be pulled forward towards the end of the summer). Cottons and mixed fabrics are in the front pile and anything slippery (lining, silks etc.) at the top.

How’s your Spring Cleaning going? Check out Hannah’s Made with Hugs and Kisses blog during May for guest posts with more ideas on sewing room cleaning and tidying.


3 responses to “Spring Clean: Folding, Stashing and Storing

  1. This is a fantastic idea! You could use all different things instead of the envelopes too, even just cereal boxes would work and you could cut it down to whatever size. It looks like your stash is much more organised, and more importantly, that you can see everything you have and get to it easily!

    No more fabric avalanches! 😀

    Thanks for joining in the Spring Clean Your Sewing Space series xxx

  2. Holy… you’re one smart cookie! Years ago, when I worked at The Gap in high school, we had to fold all the stacks of shirts and sweaters using a plastic folding board and a method much like the one you’ve outlined above. Still, I’d never have thought about applying this method to my fabric stash… But look at those beautiful stacks you’ve made. Well done!

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