Spring Clean: Using Up Thread

IMG_3100After tidying my fabric pile and sorting out better storage for my ribbons, I turned my attention to thread. I had a few ‘almost empty’ spools and bobbins plus some really poor quality thread (a stocking filler when I received my first sewing machine aged 10). I lined up all these odds and ends of thread and slowly worked my way through whilst sewing my Sureau toiles. On the inside of each toile is an array of lilac, yellow, pale green, jade green, maroon and pink thread. My sewing box is a happier place for this de-clutter and I have empty bobbins ready to accept the thread that exciting new projects bring.

Spring Clean Your Sewing Space
This is the last of my spring cleaning posts for this year. My sewing space is looking pretty tidy and de-cluttered thanks to Hannah and her guest posters for the motivation and making tidying fun (just like Mary Poppins!).

One response to “Spring Clean: Using Up Thread

  1. great idea 😀 I can only imagine how much better and tidier your sewing space is looking after all of your hard work xxx

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