A Mathilde in a Weekend


What better way to learn how to make the Mathilde Blouse than from the pattern designer herself? That’s right…. this weekend I attended ‘Dressmaking – Mathilde Blouse with Tilly Walnes’ at Ray Stitch. It’s highly likely you already know of Tilly but if not her blog is very popular, her pattern designs are sweeping across the sewing community and she made her television début earlier this year. Also, Ray Stitch is a fantastic place for classes… it took a lot of restraint not to get distracted by all the lovely fabrics, notions and cake.


For my Mathilde I selected a navy cotton lawn with peacock feathers from Stone Fabrics, which I had pre-washed before class. We (the course attendees) also received the Mathilde Blouse pattern via email in advance of the class so that we could print and glue it together.


My fellow course mates were a lovely and varied bunch of ladies. It was interesting to see fabric choices (I picked up a couple of ideas for my next one!). We were all supportive and encouraging of each other and it was a nice change for me to do a bit of social sewing.


Tilly was a great tutor clearly explaining each step, demonstrating techniques and allowing us to work at our own pace. She was so patient answering our many questions, advising us on custom fitting and rescuing a few near disasters!


During the first day we selected our size, cut out the pattern pieces and our fabric, practised tucks and sewed them in our fashion fabric and attached our yoke using French seams. Sewing tucks was new to me and although I did ok, it’s something I need more practise at. Our homework was to sew up our shoulder and side seams using French seams.


We continued on Sunday by sewing up the back pieces and hemming. By the end of the second day I’d successfully inserted one sleeve and attached the cuff band so I felt confident enough to finish the second sleeve at home – thank goodness for a Bank Holiday Monday to finish while it was still fresh in my mind.

Mathilde Garden 3


11 responses to “A Mathilde in a Weekend

  1. This is such a great version if this blouse and it looks so good on you! It must really have been awesome to learn from Tilly herself! Also, my husband and I are taking a very quick trip to London this summer and your description of Ray Stitch has me tempted to pay the store a visit.

  2. Your blouse looks lovely! It goes really well with jeans.

    • Thank you. Yes, I like it with jeans but I’d also like to make a navy pencil skirt to tuck it into. And maybe a peacock green pencil skirt although I don’t know if I could work that look!

  3. Great job! This is a super adorable blouse

  4. How fantastic you were able to take a class from the designer herself! Your Mathilde blouse is lovely! That fabric is terrific, a great bright blue and peacock feathets, fabulous! I’m so glad you entered the Pattern Pyramid on my blog as I am now aware of your blog and excited to begin following it to see what else you sew up. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  5. Great work there Sarah-Jane – this is Caroline from the Ray Stitch / Tilly sewing weekend. I have finished all but the button holes and buttons. I do hope that it doesn’t get stuck in the bottom of the wardrobe with the rest of my 90% finished garments!
    I had a great time and well done on finishing your blouse it looks brilliant!!

    • Hi Caroline,
      Great to spend the weekend sewing with you! I’m glad you made more progress on your blouse – let me know when you’ve finished it, I’d love to see.
      (By the way I’m Emma Jayne… I lost my name label early on Saturday’s class!)

      • Oopps sorry Emma Jayne.
        Yes I had a great time at the weekend. I will send you a snap of my finished Matilde… it may be a little while yet!
        I have booked myself onto another sewing workshop later in the month to make a red pencil skirt to go with my new (hopefully finished) blouse. Fingers crossed I get the skirt finished too. I am hoping to learn how to put in hidden zips (the official way – rather than just sewn in haphazardly!!).
        Have fun and keep sewing. Im loving your blog – just reading your previous posts now : )

  6. It looks lovely! You must be very pleased with it.

  7. Your blouse looks very nice and professionally made! Great job!

  8. I love this blouse! Such cute fabric!!

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