Me Made May ’13 “a powerful and exciting thing”

Zoe wasn’t kidding when she said during her podcast that Me Made May “was a powerful and exciting thing”. This was my first time being involved and I’m certainly pleased to have popped my MMM cherry.


I pledged “…to wear each of the ‘Me Made Items’ in my wardrobe at least twice (styling in different ways where possible) during May 2013′

How did I do?

I did it with two exceptions. I’m pleading with you to let me off for not wearing the Beach Holiday Playsuit in the British Spring. And, I couldn’t possibly have worn my Mathilde Peacock Feather Blouse on a camping trip (rain plus campsite equals lots of mud)!

MMM 2013

What did I learn?

  • Small bust adjustments – my third Sureau toile fits better than any of my previous Me Made items. I’ll be implementing an SBA more often.
  • I don’t like either of the tops (Black and Brown or Royal Blue Barmy) made using NewLook 6483 pattern. I should have been sectioned for wearing the blue one outside of the house… twice!
  • I really like my Ditto Dotty Dress and Berry Sorbetto and I know this because I wore them way more than twice this month.
  • Skirts are an obvious absence from my Me Made wardrobe and maybe some trousers when I’m feeling ready for that challenge.
  • I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s MMM styling and thoughts… so many inspiring makes it was lovely to celebrate Me Mades all month long.

Until next year MMMers!


One response to “Me Made May ’13 “a powerful and exciting thing”

  1. Well done for participating in the MMM this year. I think I will try for it next year – I probably have enough me-made garments just not enough of them that I would want to be seen in public in!!
    All the best and have a rest now – you deserve it!
    Caroline x

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