Sewing Global: When in Rome…

…or Melbourne to be precise.

Sewing TourismI took my new hobby abroad by visiting Tessuti in Melbourne. Luckily it’s close to a good coffee shop which kept my Husband and Father-in-Law entertained while I browsed the delicious fabrics.

Armed with my notebook containing detailed notes for all the patterns in my ‘to make’ queue, I entered the shop. My first lap of the shop floor was just to suck in the atmosphere and calm my excitement. On my second lap I identified two fabrics that I liked in different ways. On my third lap I decided to be restrained and choose just one of these two candidates and, finally, I came to a decision.


This is Jumping Jacks printed 100% cotton twill. The ladies at Tessuti were very helpful, I showed my notes on the Sureau dress pattern and they confirmed that this was a suitable fabric type. No doubt they were amused by my awestruck expression at visiting a fabric shop that is famous amoungst the sewing community and highly blogged about.


When I got back home I wasted no time in finding buttons, thread and a zip to match. I’m glad I pushed myself through a testing toile process because this fabric feels special and precious. My Sureau is almost finished…


4 responses to “Sewing Global: When in Rome…

  1. Can’t wait to see it! I was weirdly nervous the first time i went into Tessuti, everything is so beautiful

    • Yes, I was nervous and excited. It’s not like any fabric shop I’ve been in before… I hesitated touching fabrics whereas normally I’m happy having a good old rummage amoung bolts!

  2. Oh wow! isn’t it incredible when you find a truly fabulous fabric spot? They are rare around here and those we have tend to be for quilting or curtains. Those that have a varied range for dressmaking are also usually piled high, disorganised and IMPOSSIBLE to negotiate in a wheelchair :-(. This takes all the fun out of the experience for me so I will have to keep looking! 🙂 Good luck with the dress it will be beautiful in this fabric.

    • Tessuti in Melbourne was incredibly accessible (lift to first floor, all bolts vertical and never more than two deep on a shelf). The accessibility in most of the UK fabric shops I’ve been to has been poor to nil… hopefully this surge in new sewers will allow the shop owners to be able to occupy better premises and bring dressmaking fabrics into the mainsteam.

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