Global Sureau

I went through a serious learning process to make this dress – pattern adjustments, new to me techniques such as gathers (handily covered during the Mathilde workshop too!), zip insertion (ok I’ve done that once before), sleeve insertion and skirt underlining plus the pressure of fabric purchased abroad. As a result, I was elated when I realised I’d completed it without disaster. I’m calling it my Global Sureau because the pattern is a Deer and Doe design based in Paris, France and the fabric I bought at Tessuti in Melbourne, Australia.

Global Sureau 1

The zip seems to be in without puckers or wobbles but I did fret excessively about it. I’m booked onto a zips course in July so I can build my confidence and learn different zip insertion techniques then.

Global Sureau 2

I tried my best to make it pretty on the inside too but I think it’s looking overly fussy. The underlined skirt and contrast binding just isn’t visually pleasing but it was a compromise between the pressure of zip/sleeves with full lining and having the skirt ride up my tights. Something to consider more carefully when I’m planning future makes.

Global Sureau 3There was a moment before I hemmed it or sewed the buttons on when I thought it might make me look like a character from Little House on the Prairie. I’ll report back after wearing it to work to let you know if I get any Little House on the Prairie comments!

I’d like to make a sleeveless version for the summer (fully lined of-course)… maybe I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the sewing process the second time around!


17 responses to “Global Sureau

  1. Great dress! I thought the Darling Ranges dress looked like a prairie dress as well, which is similar to this one. That’s a good thing in my books!

  2. That’s great! Way neater than my first attempt at the Sureau. Also, Well done for being clever enough to line the skirt – I have to always remember to wear a slip with mine.

  3. ooh the inside looks so professional! great job!

  4. I think it looks just fabulous! Good for you on the learning curve. I don’t think it’s ‘fussy’ and anyway it’s on the inside. Most important is that it’s finished so it doesn’t fray apart.

  5. (I just noticed your buttons, and I’m also participating in the Indie Pattern Sewalong, Swimalong and the Pajama Party. We best get sewing!! 🙂 )

    • There’s lots going on at the moment. How are you getting on with your makes for these? I’m going to start my swimsuit toile this weekend – I like a challenge and really need to replace my worn out swimsuit!

  6. I think your dress looks great and way to go lining the skirt – I find it’s always better to have a self lined garment than to wear a slip. Also, you are so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit Tessuti! If I ever make it back to Oz I would make that a priority. My husband and I as visiting London for a few days in July and I’ve already told him he’ll have to entertain himself for a few hours while I get lost inside Liberty of London – can’t wait!

    • You’ll need more than a few hours… and plenty of pocket money!!!

      Weird you should mention both in the same comment though – at Tessuti they’d just recieved a new delivery of Liberty lawns and were mentioning it to customers at the till. They didn’t mention it to me… perhaps my English accent gave them a clue!

  7. Wow! You have done an amazing job – especially considering how new you are to most of these techniques. The inside is beautiful as well which is VERY impressive but it will be worth it because it will last longer. Excellent! 🙂

  8. Sorry its taken me a while to say this but your dress is beautiful! It looks very polished and you should be proud of that zip! 🙂

  9. There is a free course on mastering inser-zipper techniques in Craftsy at the moment 😉

  10. This is beautiful!!!! I think you need some pictures of you wearing it and looking all proud of your creation 😀 xxx

  11. It’s so neatly finished, I also really like the rounded neckline, how did you do that?

    • It wasn’t intentional, it just kind of happened with all the alterations I did around the bust and neckline. Also I widened the central piece which makes the base of the curve smoother.
      I was worried I’d changed the original features of the dress too much but better that than an ill fitting dress.

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