Stash Delve: Knickers

It took me at least ten minutes to work out which was the centre front seam of the free Amerson Undie pattern from Madalynne. Once I’d worked it out, I wrote it on the pattern pieces for future reference.

Amerson pattern

The stash delved fabric is leftover silk-cotton blend from my Ditto Dotty Dress. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough fabric left to match the print at the seams. I found sewing the elastic with zigzag stitch a bit tricky – I felt like I was wrestling with my sewing machine. There is visible improvement between the waist and first leg hole. Then I found a few online videos clips which helped me to work out where my hands should be and I realised that my error was I was holding the fabric and elastic up in the air instead of stretching the elastic then anchoring this to the fabric by pressing into the extension table and following the speed of the feed dogs through. The second leg hole has even stitching all the way round! I needed to master this technique for the swimsuit I’m making for Swimalong 2013.Amerson Undies

On reflection, I won’t be putting the underwear shops out of business… but I might have a second go.

6 responses to “Stash Delve: Knickers

  1. Great start. I would definitely give them another try if I was you because they are small and quick to make and are definitely better than the shop bought ones. I made all my own (way back!) including teddies and camisoles – some I still have because I am far too sentimental and they haven’t fitted me for donkey’s years!

  2. You made a great start. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of making them – honestly. They are so worth it as you can have such lovely fabrics – much better than shop bought.

  3. Very cute! I also have to master this technique for my swimalong bathing trunks. Was their any one particular video or tutorial that helped you the most? And, what size of elastic did you use? Looks to be very narrow.

    • I was going to say it’s not narrow elastic, they’re just big knickers! No, it’s 1/4″ wide. Handily my swimsuit calls for 1cm wide so I have a larger target at which to aim!!!

      It was while watching briansews ( that I realised hand logistics. But in this video he aims the zig zag to the right of the elastic whereas for these knickers the instructions were to aim for the middle.

      • Excellent, thanks! I will bookmark that one. My pattern actually calls for binding elastic (that you would bind the raw edges with). But, I prefer to do it like you did for your knickers so that the edge ‘ruffles’ more like a lettuce edge. So, therefore, didn’t know what size elastic to use. Probably 1 cm would be best as you don’t want to run the risk of them riding up when you jump in the lake!!

  4. Super cute. I gave up on this pattern as it was twiddling my mind box but glad you succeeded with it!

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