Swimalong 2013: Jumping in at the deep end

Katie and Leila have been hosting Swimalong 2013. There has been plenty of inspiration, brilliant information and guides to choosing a pattern and swim-appropriate notions. Thank you ladies for being such excellent hosts.

I truly jumped in at the deep end with this one (excuse the pun). Here’s a pictorial overview of construction:


Cutting some tight curves with the rotary cutter but it’s ready to sew up,


Test stitch settings. The far right was the winner – a sewing machine faux overlock stitch. Bonus, no tidying seam allowances afterwards!


The pattern instructed straight stitch to baste the lining to the front piece. This reduced stretch and made attaching non-lined pieces a bit tricky.


I don’t remember the pattern instructions mentioning anything about a headless chicken!

After sewing up the back and crotch seams, I called an end to sewing for the day. But, I couldn’t resist this first opportunity to try it on. It was a bit wrinkly around the bottom but I thought the elastic around the legs would tighten that issue up (it did).


I used permanent pen to mark pattern notations onto the clear elastic (I checked it was dry before attaching to fabric). “SS” must match up to side seam but the whole piece of elastic runs from the halter neck right down to the centre back.


The elastic went in surprisingly easily but made the swimsuit look a raggedy. Twin needle stitching tidied everything up on the outside and I had the first inkling that this might be wearable!

Ta-da! Look how well it matches my swimming towel too (I borrowed hubby’s goggles to set the scene).

Swimsuit Front

The fit is great, the pattern provides extra measurement and fitting steps on the instructions and two places to lengthen or shorten. In addition to the usual circumference measurements, there’s no need for a poor fit.

Swimsuit Back

Right up to finishing the twin needle top stitching, I thought that I’d end up posting a failed attempt but a jolly good effort nonetheless. So I am pleasantly surprised that it’s completely wearable and I’ll be testing it out on Friday evening at the pool.

I may have jumped in at the deep end but I’ve paddled my way to the shallow end, climbed out and I want to do it again!

7 responses to “Swimalong 2013: Jumping in at the deep end

  1. Hurrah!!! It looks great!! Isn’t it funny how crazy they look before you topstitch down all the elastic? I think your suit looks awesome. Freak fabric and pattern choice and perfect stitching. Fine work!

  2. Look how fancy it looks! You’re braver than me. I couldn’t have cracked such a lovely suit out. Clever idea with the elastic markings. “To the beach!”

  3. OH, loving this!! Such pretty fabric and it looks really comfy with the tie strap instead of buckles and such.

  4. Awesome stuff! It looks really professional indeed.

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