As the tone of my knicker stash delve revealed, I was dissatisfied with the end product; two of the three elasticated openings were scruffy because I was practicing this technique. The elastic went into my swimsuit leg holes so easily it was almost a shame to fold over and top stitch! So it just felt right for me to revisit the Amerson Undies free pattern and knicker making. That and I couldn’t resist this light weight cotton that combined two of my favourite things – blue and elephants.

Amerson Elepants 2

The thing that finally helped me to understand the logistics of what my hands should be doing while zig zag stitching elastic was Briansew’s clip on YouTube. While I’d mastered elastic sewing, my pattern placement could have done with come closer attention – elephants marching in all directions but the way I intended!

Amerson elepants

I hoped that a silver ribbon bow at the back would distract any attention from my poor pattern placement.

Amerson Elepants 3


9 responses to “Ele-pants!

  1. Bahhh I don’t think it matters which way they are marching because these undies look super cute!

  2. These are wonderful! Who cares if it isn’t perfect – they do the job and look amazing. Well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Awwww, love!! And, I think elephants should be able to march wherever they please, so it’s, okay that you didn’t line up the pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so on that tute as I already downloaded the pattern for these undies and am going to be making some.

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  5. So cute! You’ve won my little giveaway btw. Please let me have a note of your postal address and I will get the Coco and Ivor DVD to you.

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