Zips Demystified with Miss Maker

Miss Maker runs a variety of courses and workshops from the pretty town of Hartley Wintney above an antiques shop. Today I participated in the Zips Demystified half day course which I booked back in March!


I’d sewn two zips previously – one for my make-up bag and one for my Sureau dress. So I started the day with very little experience and huge heap of zip fear.

Clare was such a lovely tutor and her experience in teaching these courses really shone through and made for a relaxed but studious learning environment. We practised three zip insertion techniques and used two different zip feet (the adjustable zip foot is on my shopping list after trying it out during the course!). Clare also provided some guidance notes to take away with us.


I feel like this course squashed my fear and opened up the possibility of so many exciting patterns that I previously would have avoided making. And now… I’m ready to insert a zip to a skirt that’s been hanging around my sewing room for weeks.


2 responses to “Zips Demystified with Miss Maker

  1. Ohh I’m so glad this turned out to be a good course. Your invisible zip is flawless. Bravo!

  2. Yes, I was most chuffed with my invisible zip sample! I’m itching to use invisible zips in everything now!!!

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