Seasonally Inappropriate Skirt

This is the skirt that has been hanging around my sewing room wanting for a zip. It’s Simplicity 2451 and after gaining confidence and zip skills at Miss Makers Zips Demystified course at the weekend I have finished it. As is customary when I have a new pattern, here’s my top three (and there are plenty to choose from in blogland):

1. ScruffyBadgerTime made a lovely teal treat
2. A bright and happy offering by Bernie and I
3. The work-appropriate version made by The musings of a dedicated Housefiancee

My top three reflects my plans for this pattern because I’d like to a make a basic wardrobe staple, a colourful summer version and a sensible office-worthy work skirt.

Simplicity 2451 Navy Corduroy 1

This navy corduroy, lining and bias tape were all in my acquired stash so I just needed to purchase the pattern and a zip – bargain. Corduroy is completely inappropriate for the summer (even a British summer) but I’m sure it will be well worn come autumn/winter. It’s also very tricky to photograph and highlights the dead pixel line of my camera embarrassingly well!

Simplicity 2451 Navy Corduroy 2

I dropped two sizes after making a toile/muslin – when will I learn just cut by intuition and not what the packet recommends?! Lining was easy because I’d read Winnie’s order of doing things and Alice’s tutorial too. The navy lining is not the best quality but in the interests of using up the stash and not spending money, it’ll do. Cutting the pocket facings out of the lining helped to reduce bulk at the seams.

Simplicity 2451 Navy Corduroy 3

Another bulk reducing technique I used was to bias bind the skirt yolk facing instead of pressing under as recommended in the pattern instructions – see I can deviate from pattern instructions… sometimes!

5 responses to “Seasonally Inappropriate Skirt

  1. Congratulations on a lovely skirt. Those pockets are sexy looking. Sounds like the class was a roaring success!

  2. Very nice skirt! Love your lining and yoke binding, classy!

    • Thank you. I used to worry that I wasn’t doing the right thing/technique but I’m slowly realising that if its functional and looks good then it’s not wrong.

      • Exactly. I was (I guess, still am) the same way. But, am relaxing some as I’m realizing that there is SO much to learn in sewing and if you don’t get every single step in every single project totally correct, you still learn something and will pick up the rest as time goes on. No use freaking out over it.

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