Stash Delve: Envelope Clutch

In my Stash Delve: Knitting needle case post I mentioned that I really wanted to make a See Kate Sew Envelope Clutch… and you can hold me to my word.


I kept coming across a purple off-cut (actually red and blue woven fibres) in my acquired stash. It has a strip of embroidery running parallel to the selvage so I began to wonder if I could orientate the clutch pattern in a way that would look deliberately funky and not haphazard. It turns out that I could do just that… back and front! The pattern calls for fusible interfacing which stopped any bias cut wonk in its tracks.


I used Velcro on the inside instead of a button (yes, I stash delved 3 inches of Velcro too!). This was my favourite stash delve so far and it is purely because of the way the pattern comes together like an envelope. It  is genius without being impossible to follow… and it’s free (thank-you Kate!).


Comments, tips and suggestions?

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