Sewing with the blues

I’ve been sewing with the blues lately (here, here, here and shamelessly three the same shade of blue !). As lovely as blue is (especially sky blue), I am well and truly stuck in a colour rut. So, I set myself a little exercise:

If blue did not exist, which colours would I choose to populate my wardrobe?

Colour MooD Board

If blue didn’t exist I’d still be quite colourful! I also like olive and mustard but I’m unsure if they suit me… Like but unsure

Which colours were vetoed? Pale green and bright green do not compliment my skin tone and I wouldn’t wear are any shade of pink – I’m shuddering even putting these on my blog!


I’m hoping that these new colours will inspire my fabric selection in the future and I’ll check back in two months to see how I’ve done. Making an immediate start on this, today I’m taking myself for an early-birthday (check my blog on Monday – I have a birthday surprise for you all!) fabric shopping trip into London. Say “Hi” if you see me browsing in the infamous fabric haunts – particularly if I’m admiring anything blue!


2 responses to “Sewing with the blues

  1. I love most of the colours you have suggested – but you are right it all depends on your skin tone. It would be boring if we all liked the same colours anyway!

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