Happy Giveaway To You!

Today is my 30th Birthday and I was so pleased to receive this…


Uh-huh an overlocker. I am very excited to have a play with it but first I thought it only appropriate to celebrate my birthday on Clipped Curves with a giveaway. Up for grabs are:
Left – peach floral soft polycotton (0.85m x 1.8m)
Right – drapey aqua ditsy print fabric (0.90m x 3m, right).

Fabric Giveaway

To enter leave a message with your email address (or where to find it) before midnight (UK time) on Sunday 21st July. I’m happy to  post worldwide and you don’t have to have a blog to enter (although I’d love to see what these get made into).


17 responses to “Happy Giveaway To You!

  1. Firstly, happy 30th birthday!! Hope you have an awesome day and year ahead! Secondly, they are beautiful fabrics! Thanks for giving them away to your readers! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have fun with your overlocker. I received one for my birthday a couple of years ago and when I first used it the tension was really off. After that it just sat in my sewing room for about three months taunting me with my lack of knowledge about its inner workings. When I finally made myself give it another go it took me about half an hour to work it all out, and now I serge the heck out of everything.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway. Such lovely prints.

    • I have the day off today so when I’ve finished making cupcakes to take for my colleagues tomorrow, I’m going to sit down with the instruction book and overlocker and not stop till I’m comfortable using it. Good luck in the giveaway!

  3. happy birthday! hope it’s wonderful 🙂 x

  4. I would love to win the fabric on the right and give someone else a chance at the one on the left.

    Happy birthday and happy overlocking! Did you get a dvd with the instructions? I did with mine and it made setting up a breeze!

  5. Judy Galligan

    Happy birthday and congratulations on your new overlocker. I have had mine a long time and love it…Took me a while to get use to it, I was hesitant
    Afraid of it I think, not ny more,,lol. Thanks for offering such lovely prints
    Too give away. Jkgalligan@att.net

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes. I’ve completed the instructional DVD and had a play on some fabric scraps – all going well so far but I know what you mean… it’s a bit scarier and less approachable than my sewing machine!

  6. These are really pretty! Count me in. Happy Birthday and have fun playing with your new overlocker!

  7. Happy birthday to you..and what a gorgeous gift. I just found your blog over wordpress reader.. wishing you happiness and good health always..
    p/s: count me in for the giveaway.. would love to enter for fun.. 😀

  8. Happy birthday! These fabrics are so pretty! Count me in. Feel free to throw in that overlocker, too. 🙂

  9. I won’t enter the giveaway as I have far too much flowery fabric! Just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday and hope you enjoy playing with your wonderful present! x

  10. Happy (belated) birthday! I wonder whether I’ll convince someone to get me an overlocker for my next birthday?
    I’m not much of a floral-fabric person, but having looked at your two fabrics several times by now, they have somehow grown on me, so thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you had a terrific one. I would love to enter your giveaway, you can never have too much fabric. (Well, I guess it depends on who you ask, but……). Nice overlocker gift, as well, hope you are enjoying it!

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