Bright Red Kirstin Kimono Tee

Is there anything better than a free pattern? Yes, a free pattern that’s easy, quick and beginner friendly! If the Kirsten Kimono Tee pattern had ears, they’d be burning. Did I mention it’s free too? Thanks Maria!

Rouge Tee

I used a bright red t-shirting cotton. If blue didn’t exist, bright red would be at the top of my list. There’s something about this top that is inducing urges to sew up some navy bib-front sailor trousers! Know any good patterns?

19 responses to “Bright Red Kirstin Kimono Tee

  1. Red looks really nice on you! What a cute top, so I’m guessing you over-locked those seams…. with you new machine 🙂

  2. Cool, I must download this pattern and make myself a little top too. Maybe in my black and white spotty fabric I have in my fabric stash.
    Are you going to make another version?

    • You should it’s a good pattern, quick to make and very wearable. I think a spotty version would be fab. I got some teal, white and mustard (I’m not selling the colour scheme well am I?!) jersey that I’m going to use next time… with overlocked seams too!

  3. very cute top!

  4. Looks great, and I love your matching shoes!

  5. It looks fabulous 🙂 It always amazes me how such simple designs can look so great in simple colours. Out of interest, did you make any alterations?
    And your stairs look so much like ours – although I suspect considerably cleaner 😉
    Thank you for my Liebster nomination – will have to get thinking and do something about it now.
    Louise x

    • Thank you. I didn’t make any alterations at all and I went for the band option to finish the neckline (there are also instructions for elastic too).
      You are welcome. I took my time and found it interesting to answer the Liebster questions so I hope enjoy it too.

  6. Oh this is a delightful little top, thanks 4 the link! I love how you paired it with fire engine red shoes. I have a vintage butterick 4214. They are diaperstyle closure, sailor pant culottes! How cool is that? Not sure if the pattern is on Etsy or something. I got mine from the Wellington Pattern Pyramid. Havn’t sewn them yet.

    • I found my size of Butterick 4214 on ebay! I’m just watching at the moment… so I want/need it enough… more than the 5 patterns I own but haven’t made yet?! Hmmm…?!

  7. Oh you look so lovely in that outfit! What a gorgeous, vibrant top! Here are a couple of sailor trousers pattern sources:

    Happy sewing! Zoe xxx

  8. Great color! So vibrant!! I’ve had this pattern downloaded for a while now. Really need to make it don’t I!?

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