The Clipped Curves sew your own sportswear quest continues…


I purchased Kwik Sew 3672 while making my Sporty Sorbetto (which gets a good work out on rotation with my shop bought sportswear). I really liked the cut out effect created by the straps connecting the halterneck to the back of the top. Also it has a shelf-bra which would be good for dance classes. I had high hopes for this and plenty of medium-heavy weight t-shirting left over from my Kirsten Kimono Tee but I’m sorely disappointed.

It’s a complete pain to sew… constant swapping and changing between twin and single needles, stitch settings and normal presser foot to walking foot. It’s the sewing machine accessory equivalent of musical chairs. Admittedly I made this before I received an overlocker so it might be slightly less faffy with an overlocker… but only slightly!


You know that age old question for pattern reviews…
“Does it look like the envelope?”
Well, yes it does. If I’d looked closely at the model on the pattern packet I’d have noticed the same fitting issue I had… the gaping next to the front arm/bust area. This not only looks bad but also adds to the lack of support – the shelf bra and elastic around the ribs just isn’t tight enough. Exacerbating this issue, the back straps and halterneck strap need shortening.


Alterations for next time I have spare knit fabric (and some questions about how to do them):

  • Using a fabric with less than the recommended stretch for more support
  • Remove gape at front – can I just pinch out a dart shape the same as I would do for pattern pieces for woven fabrics?
  • Tighten up the shelf bra and elastic plus corresponding upper area of the shell. Remove the two gathered regions under the bust – completely pointless when there’s not much to gather under (if you know what I mean!)
  • Extend the shelf bra pattern pieces so that the elastic can be enclosed – would look way better on the inside! I could get over my desire for ‘pretty on the inside’ if I could find some elastic with grip strips – anyone know of a source? (Anyone know what I’m on about?!)
  • Shorten back straps and perhaps add elastic to them. Shorten the halterneck strap which might also remove some gape at the sides too.

So you can see I’m disappointed but I’m not defeated, my quest for home sewn sportswear continues…


4 responses to “The Clipped Curves sew your own sportswear quest continues…

  1. Wow – this looks great on first impressions!
    How frustrating to have so many little niggles on one garment. Yes the back strap shortening would have an immediate effect and make the top more supportive. As for the machine feet swapping it sounds like you were taking part in the sewing equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing!!
    Don’t be defeated and see this as your ‘toile’ for future reference.

  2. I am on the same quest. I know there has to be a good pattern out there for a yoga jacket. And pants in the right length. Love the color and the idea of the back but it definitely doesn’t support does it? Beautiful job though!

  3. It’s a cute outfit! Too bad about the gaping at the back, but looks to be fixable. These are probably the kind of projects where having a coverstitch machine would come in handy. (Not that I have one, but I know folks use it for stuff like this and rave about them).

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