Stash Delve: Birdie Pin Cushion

It wasn’t until I took the zips course at Miss Makers’ that I realised I was missing the most basic of items from my sewing room – a pin cushion. During extended pin cushion tutorial browsing, I happened across this tutorial by Sharon of Sharon Holland Designs. I just had to have a birdie pin cushion.

Birdie Pin Cushion

I used the Cyanistes caeruleus as my muse for this make – that’s the common blue tit bird to you and I! All fabric was from my stash of smaller pieces. Sewing together was a little tricky as I’m not used to sewing small pieces and so I didn’t quite get the beak right. Can anyone advise me how to get a perfect concave intersection? On the other hand I learnt a new skill to sew the eyes – a French knot.

If you like ornithology-related sewing then check out Shannon’s extremely cute and practical ‘Owl you need‘ sewing buddy – it’s a free pattern too!


4 responses to “Stash Delve: Birdie Pin Cushion

  1. Great pin cushion! I think the beak adds character!

  2. A very cute little pin cushion!
    What a great gift idea for your sewing buddies at Christmas (I’m seeing a red breasted + tartan robin, white / silver nightingale, partridge in a pear tree in tweed + green corduroy….)

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