Just Peachy

Peach Vest1

For my first overlocker project I selected some soft peach knit (to match one of the many colours in my triangle skirt) and traced off my best fitting shop-bought vest top. Overlocking just kinda clicked with me straight away but a clear (if a little boring) instructional DVD and great instruction manual helped too.

Peach Vest2

The top fits well but I think I’d try narrower neck and arm bands if I make another vest top.

8 responses to “Just Peachy

  1. Yay!! Congrats on your first overlocker project, it’s very cute! I actually have not used mine yet to sew seams, only to finish raw edges on both wovens and knits. This will be my next ‘box to tick’, using it to sew a garment together.

    • We did the opposite thing first then! I have two more garments to blog where I used it to sew seams of stretchy knits. And for my current woven project (shorts) I’m going to finish the seam allowances by overlocking. Then there’s just rolled hemming and gathering to learn! Happy Overlocking!

      • Mine apparently does not ‘do’ a rolled hem. I got it used from a former sewing teacher, such a lovely woman, it is a good machine, Janome My Lock, but no manual came with it, and it is ‘vintage’. So, I don’t know if I can get a special foot or plate to do a rolled hem or not, it’s been difficult to find info about this machine (I think it’s model 234D) online. Lemme know how your rolled hemming goes, and what you had to do to make it work.

  2. So aren’t you just in love with your new overlocker?? It’s a life changing thing! Such a pretty color. I find myself liking the color peach more and more.

    • Yes, no regrets in having an overlocker on my birthday present wish list! It’s amazing! I want to go back and re-make some things… like my swimsuit… would be much easier now!
      This is my first peach item but I quite like it as a girly alternative to pink.

  3. Very jealous of your new overlocker! Your new top looks brilliant.
    Fab top and such a lovely tone of peach too.

  4. That top has come out really well – clearly you’re getting on very well with your overlocker!! Out of interest, what fabric did you use? It looks like it has a really nice drape.

    • It’s a cheap light weight knit from Fabric Land. I wasn’t sure if it’d last but I didn’t want to spend lots on fabric to practise overlocking! Although it’s been through the wash a couple of times now and still soft and bobble free. I have used more expensive jersey fabric since which is just as soft but way nicer to sew.

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