Graffiti Maxi Skirt with Impact

graffiti fabric
How brilliant is this print? It’s from Stone Fabrics. I originally purchased it to make a t-shirt but when it arrived I changed my mind because it deserved to be used for something with more impact. It was slightly nerve racking using it for my second overlocker project but I had no problems at all.

graffiti maxi skirt2I used elastic at the waist (instead of a waistband which I used on my previous maxi skirt) and it’s more aesthetically pleasing. I extended the skirt pattern piece vertically upwards at the waist by twice the width of the elastic. After attaching an elastic circle to the wrong side, I folded it inwards. There’s a choice next: you can either stitch in the ditch at the side seams or stitch all the way round to enclose the elastic (which looks similar on the outside to a waistband). I opted for stitch in the ditch and so far I haven’t had any problems with the elastic flipping outwards while I’m wearing it.

graffiti maxi skirt1The skirt was made weeks ago and has been worn so much that I almost forgot to blog about it. I dragged (ok, nicely coaxed) hubby to a suitable photography spot this morning but with the light and the breeze (see above image for breeze issues) it was tricky to capture so we did an inside shot too.

graffiti maxi skirt inside


6 responses to “Graffiti Maxi Skirt with Impact

  1. Gorgeous as a skirt, what a wonderful and summery fabric. Perfect for this amazing weather we are having!!
    I would love some close up shots of your stitiching-in-the-ditch and how you fixed the waistband ; )

  2. What a fabulous print 🙂 Stone Fabrics are wonderful. I’m thinking of joining the Cloth Club as a birthday present to myself.
    I’ve often wondered how elastic waistbands are attached, thanks for the links – maybe I’ll get round to making a pair of leggings one day and try it out!

  3. I’m going to join you with the Monthly Stitch Collective of a vintage pattern make. Not sure what to sew yet. Have you made your choice yet?

  4. It perfect as a maxi! Love this print.

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