Ticker Tape Maxi

I’m glad I got the rant about the sizing and instructions on this pattern and the awful silver stretch velvet toile out of the way in a different post. Despite my final pattern pieces barely resembling the original pattern, here are my three favourite blogged versions of McCalls 6559:

1. Pink and purple aztec pattern by Susan of Knitters Delight.
2. Toy’s peach and purple circle number (can you believe she was going to get rid of this fabric?!). Love her blog name too ‘Life Happens Be Positive’.
3. Simple but effective Holiday style stripe on Brown Paper patterns (also check out her Maxi Dress Off post )

ticker tape maxi 3

The fabric reminds me of ticker tape – you always see that in American films when they have big celebrations or parades. Is it real or just in the movies? Anyway, it was lovely to sew with (bought from ebay seller material_magic1) and reminded me that good quality fabric is worth it. Whilst perfecting the fit, I tried it on over colourful underwear and you couldn’t see through the fabric even though the background to this fabric is white!

ticker tape maxi 1

Cutting was tricky because the pattern pieces are longer than my cutting board. Once I have all the ripples smoothed out the last thing I wanted to do was move everything. I used a layer of tissue paper underneath and another between layers of fabric which made the whole lot easier to slide.

ticker tape maxi 2

I tried a narrower neck and armhole binding, which looks much better. The remainder was constructed it the same way as my peach vest top. Pattern instructions… pah!

p.s. there’s a cool Simplicity Giveaway going on over at Pendle Stitches so check it out. You’ve gotta be in it to win it!


13 responses to “Ticker Tape Maxi

  1. Wow what a lovely version of this pattern. The fabric selection is delightful and it looks great styled with a jacket too.
    Great tips about working with tissue paper between your fabric.
    Good luck with the Simplicity Giveaway ; )

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. Did you enter? Which pattern did you want to win?

      • I haven’t entered the Simplicity competition because I haven’t got a twitter account that’s in my name (it’s in the name of my indoor rowing team) so not sure that would fit the rules of the competition?!
        Good luck for your chance to win; I saw you had selected the 2154 – its a great pattern. Just make sure you get the fit right on your hips / thigh area before you attach the invisible zip into the side seam, otherwise it’s unpick-city!!

  2. That looks really pretty and feminine! Lovely fabric too.

  3. What a pretty dress, it suits you very well! I like the matching with the jacket also.

  4. Great work! And i agree the fabric looks like little fluttering pieces of tape!

  5. Wow, this is a gorgeous maxi dress! It flows and falls so nicely, I really love how it fits you! And, the fabric is great, as well. I can picture ticker tape falling all over you. It also reminds me of animal print.

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