McCalls 2401 – Round Two to Clipped Curves

In round one I was defeated by McCalls 2401… but I wasn’t going to let the pattern go. I was ready for round two in the sewing ring with this featherweight of a basic shift dress. Yeah that’s fighting talk!

M2401 b

I weaved and blocked a whole new set of punches this time in the ring: A near-fatal cut to the neckline while attaching Vilene edge tape, two cones of run-out overlocker thread (first time re-threading my overlocker!), a broken overlocker needle (a re-threading error I think) and being sold a 22″ zip that only measured 16″.

Ok, enough of the boxing ring metaphors….

M2401 a

I lowered the neckline to erase my cutting blunder and retraced the new line onto my facing. The facing was now a little narrow so I stitched in the ditch at the shoulder seams to stop it flipping out. When I casually mentioned stitching in the ditch in an earlier post, Caroline requested a close up photograph of my skills. So here, just for Caroline, is an in-progress close up. The left side of this shoulder strap is attached to the facing and the right side raw edge will be attached to a sleeve.

Facing attached to shoulder seam by stitching in the ditch - left side is attached to facing, right side raw edge will be attached to sleeve.

Stitching in the ditch… nothing to see here.

I used my first traced pattern piece – size 6 at the bust and graded to a size 8 at the waist and hips. I basted first to fit on the fly. This allowed me to remove 2 inches either side at the waist and an inch either side over the hips and I could still breathe deeply and sit down! But I am wary of transferring these alterations to my pattern pieces or just using size 6 all-over because I’m still smarting from the first make this fabric has some horizontal stretch. A non-stretch woven may not be so forgiving.

M2401 d

Since making this dress, I have seen a lady in a jacket of the same fabric which left me wondering; is the fabric a bolt end from a ready to wear clothing line or was this another home-sewer I passed in the street?

M2401 c

Although the flowers are abstract… this floral number is really pushing the boundaries of what I’d normally wear. I changed out of the dress after the photographs were taken and haven’t worn it since. I love the fit but I don’t know if I can bring myself to wear floral!

25 responses to “McCalls 2401 – Round Two to Clipped Curves

  1. Well I think it would a real shame if you left this one hanging in the wardrobe. It’s so lovely on you! The floral isn’t overwhelming at all, and it suits you so well! You’ve clearly gone through hoops before getting to this point, I’d wear it in pride if I were you, and with that endearing smile of yours, you’ll shine. Honest.

  2. This is beautiful. The fit is great and the floral print looks lovely on you!

  3. This is super. Maybe you’re not a floral person but this really suits you. You’ve found that elusive vibrant floral I’m always looking for. Great with the red shoes too!

  4. This is gorgeous! I’m with all the other commenters – you really suit the floral print. I had to make so many adjustments to this pattern but was lucky enough to have a sewing friend who helped me make the adjustments on a toile then transfer them to the pattern pieces. It took ages though!

  5. This looks lovely – gorgeous print and the dress has come out fantastic 🙂

  6. Yay, for you for putting up a fight and winning! I think the dress is beautiful! I’m so surprised that you don’t like to wear this floral. It is not precious at all and very modern. Great colours too.

  7. Hey, don’t let the dress win, wear it with a vengence. It looks amazing on you. But, hey if you don’t want it I’m sure one of us would love to take it off your hands, right ladies? I would. ; ) Wear it like you know that you look great!

  8. Ding! Ding! That’s the sound of the bell saying you look knock-out in this dress. Coupled with the red shoes and your lovely smile you definitely need to wear this dress again. So glad you sorted the fit out and have learnt not to be beaten by a pattern.
    Thanks for the close up shots of your stitching-in the-ditch and my own personal call out : ) It looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside – well done!

    • Thank you for the compliments. No problem. Did you have a chance to practise stitching in the ditch again?
      Lovely fabrics on your blog (I can’t leave a comment using my iPhone) especially the abstract one. It’s like Leicester Square in a torrential down-pour!

  9. Some excellent pictures. Your photographer is very talented!

  10. You HAVE to wear this!!!

  11. Gorgeous! The fit is so spot on. You look great in the floral! I think you should wear it with pride. I don’t think the print is cutesy at all, if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s such a nice print and the colors are so pretty.

  12. Awesome dress, and it goes so well with the shoes. Of course you have to wear it! If the floral print feels a bit too much at first maybe you can wear a cardigan or blazer to break it up, but you have to wear this – it’s to great to be left to sit in the deep dark depths of your closet.

  13. great dress. following your blog now. 🙂

  14. This dress is lovely and suits you perfectly, you really must wear it and let it fulfil its destiny.

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