Seeking Vintage

I had my eyes peeled for months for four vintage/retro patterns on my wish list. I use these terms loosely because I learnt during endless searches that ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ have no fixed definition and sellers make their own rules up! Personally, I’d define pre 1920s as antique, 1920-1969 vintage and anything from the 70s as retro. The fashions of the 80s and 90s are best forgotten!

Simplicity 4647 Simplicity 7045

I managed to track down Simplicity 4676 on  eCrater  and Simplicity 7045 from 1967 on Canadian Ebay. Shortly after these two were delivered, The Monthly Stitch voting for the September theme was decided as ‘Vintage Patterns’. Good timing or what?!

The Monthly Stitch

I was super keen and made my vintage garment before September even started… but then work got busy for me and my trusty photographer. We still haven’t taken the photographs and no photographs means no blog post! I hope that by posting this primer it’ll jolt us into action and I’ll be able to post during the final third of challenge month.

Are you taking part in The Monthly Stitch Vintage Patterns for September? And how to you define vintage and retro eras?

3 responses to “Seeking Vintage

  1. haha! Yes 80s and 90s fashion are forbidden in this house! Good luck with your sewing challenge, both of those patterns look very sweet!

  2. I love the look of the pussy-bow blouse! Which one do you like best?

  3. Those dresses are lovely. I saw a couple of 1960’s patterns in my local charity shop recently and was very tempted as they don’t come up very often. I decided to leave them for someone else as I don’t have the time to make them up but I was very tempted…

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