1940s Slip from Vintage Pattern Selector

I received The Vintage Pattern Selector from my thoughtful sister-in-law at Christmas so a make from this book was long overdue.

Included in the book are 15 printable patterns that follow the usual PDF print-cut-stick format. The pattern 1940s Slip patter had a quirky feature… check out page D1 which is correctly orientated and positioned with C1 above and D2 to the right.

1940s slip pattern

Even a 4 year old could tell that jigsaw puzzle piece isn’t right!

The pattern sizing is colour coded so you can’t save money by printing in grey-scale but quite nice that you can call yourself an arbitrary size yellow! The layout did not allow for cutting between sizes so I took a few flat measurements. By my calculations, the coloured lines for the medium and large sizes were the wrong way round. Best to make a toile as the pattern and, by now, my brain was in a bit of a muddle!

1940s slip front

I’m glad I made a toile because I had a complete change of heart upon seeing the pattern come to life.

1940s slip pointy

The incredibly pointy darts could be resolved by an SBA to remove the excess fabric and swapping the dart for gathering. I think the skirt panels would be better cut on the bias for a slip. However, I just wouldn’t wear it as a slip. I decided to save the intended fabric for another make. I finished the toile using bias binding instead of lace and rouleux straps (making those was character building!) I will wear it as a nightie.

1940s slip back

Have you ever had a change of heart at the toile stage?

4 responses to “1940s Slip from Vintage Pattern Selector

  1. Well, it will make for a nice nightie so your time was not wasted. As for a chage of heart at the toile level, oh have I ever! The Kimono Dress by Pattern Runway was a major change of heart for me followed closely by Simplicity 2451. All I have to say is thank heavens for toiles!

    • Oh good. I feel better now I know I’m not the first to suffer this change of heart at the toile stage.

      In any case I got to have a first (probably last) go at fiddly straps so I still learnt something.

  2. Oh, very pretty! You could also just make the darts larger to remove the ‘points’. I have to do this with almost anything that has an underbust dart or waist dart.

  3. It sounds like perfect sense- you save your beautiful fabric for another make, one which will suit it and you better. And if you get to wear your toile then it’s a win win situation (even if it’s only as a nightie that only your nearest & dearest will see).

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