Eastern Briar Interview


Photographer: “Why so sad CC?”
CC: “It’s this pink jersey… well… it’s pink and I don’t really do pink or floral… well I do do certain florals with encouraging comments but I still don’t do pink”


Photographer: “What did you buy it for then?”
CC: “It was 35oC outside, Saeed Fabrics had the air con on, the Asian fans are cool and it’s so soft. Oh and dusky pink seemed more approachable to me than pastel, Barbie or cerise. I had nothing to lose using it for a toile.”


Photographer: “Turn to the side, let me see how that pattern is working out for you.”
CC: “Megan Neilsen recently made her most popular patterns (including the Briar top) available to purchase online as PDFs. It’s funky casual eh?”
Photographer: “Funky casual like your ironing. You missed a washing line peg crinkle by your hip but ironed a lovely partial crease down the sleeve.”


Photographer:”Why don’t you tell your sewmies a bit more about the pattern?”
CC: “I cut the hem 4 inches below the cropped option (or 4 inches above the long option depending if you are a glass half full or half empty kinda person), used the 3/4 sleeves and gave the neck binding a whirl. I’m happy with the length but the neck binding seems rather bulky and makes the neckline hang heavily so I’ll just use my old method next time.


Photographer: “Next time? So you’ll be buying more fabric then?”
CC: “Yup”



4 responses to “Eastern Briar Interview

  1. hahaha, this is too funny^^ I think it’s a nice top! and I think the pastel pink suits you well.

  2. What a lovely fabric, and a good match for this top I think. Even if you are not so into pink, I think pink is into you because it looks lovely. I also like the fact that you have a coordinating gray tee under it. I just made my first Briar last week and have been wearing it non-stop. Now I’m just waiting for some sunlight on a weekend so that I can take photos before it disintegrates from overuse.

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