Mustard Pavlova

Not a great food combo but a brilliant colour and pattern combo in my opinion.

It turns out I've been looking as tired as I feel lately...

It turns out I’ve been looking as tired as I feel lately…

From the lapped seam to the miles of top stitching, it was a pleasure to sew a pavlova wrap top. I cut a size 30 bust, went up two sizes for the waist ties (I wanted them long) and made no other alterations.


This is the first mustard garment I’ve ever owned. And my verdict? I think it suits me and it certainly looks great with navy, my staple dark colour. The pattern has also gotten me inspired… red with tiny white dots, long sleeves, plum jersey, lengthen and remove muffin flap. The possibilities are endless.

Right I’m going to try to catch up on sleep this weekend… enjoy yours whatever you are up to!


13 responses to “Mustard Pavlova

  1. The mustard looks great on you – the colour of course ;-)! And you absolutely should do all the other Palovas you mentioned!

  2. The mustard DOES look good on you and I do believe this would be the most difficult colour to actually look good on somebody. So, you should probably wear it everyday! The Pavolova also fits you very nicely!

    • I do like the colour indeed but it’s too cold for the 3/4 sleeves at the moment. I’ll have to modify my next make to lengthen the sleeves… will it work since they’re kimono style?

      • I’ve mever made the Pavlova but have seen long sleeve kimono style tops. I think the only thing you have to consider is that if it is quite wide under the arm and then tapers strongly to the wrist, it can look very 80s.

  3. Great colour on you and lovely top

  4. Super cute! A wrap sweater is next on my to-make list.

  5. This top looks great on you! Question, did you pick the size 30 bust based on your bust measurement or did you size down? I ask because I seem to remember that some people talked about the pattern running large and I would like to know in case I ever get to sewing this for myself…

    • Sorry for the delayed reply, I had to check the pattern measurements guide to remind me. The size 30 covers full bust range 30-34 inches. I’m a 33 inch so fall within that range. I’d probably go for smaller if you are on the boarder line though… better a little too small when working with stretch fabrics. The only thing I tweaked was to use longer waist ties (up two sizes, might go up one more next time) as I wanted to be able to tie a bow at the back. Since any tie size fits any body size it’s an easy switch to make.

  6. This looks so cute on you! Love it!

  7. I love the colou and your version of this Pavlova top. you look great in it.
    I am going to buy a fabric in this colour as well. It will go wonderful with the violet jacket …

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  9. This looks awesome!

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