Still seeking…

In my Vintage Pattern Challenge primer post I mentioned there were four patterns I had been looking for but I could only track down two?

Well I’m continuing to search now and then for the other two wish list vintage patterns. I’ve found Blackmore So Easy 9449… a pretty close match to McCalls 5995. The difference seems to be the waist, button placement and skirt vent. I haven’t ordered yet and sleeping on it hasn’t helped to make my mind up either.

McCalls5995 or Blackmore So Easy9449

And the fourth pattern on my wish list, McCalls 7743, remains to be tracked down.


Have you had any success in sourcing vintage/retro /out of print patterns? Have you seen an alternative for McCalls 7743?


2 responses to “Still seeking…

  1. It does looks like the Blackmore will be looser in the bodice and that the shoulders are wider which might result in a bit of a cap sleeve. You may have to do some alterations to the pattern.

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