More than just the contents of a bag for a charity shop…

Do I need it?
Will I wear it?
Will it last?

I formulated this questioning mantra having had a quick clear out this evening. A rough and ready, quick flick through my drawers and wardrobe. I did try on a few things, mostly holiday stuff… and most of it went into the bag for the charity shop. I got thinking that I can probably learn a few things from the process. The last time I had a similar sort out was just after Me Made May when the very bold blue top was donated.

A few things that I made went into the bag:

Beach Playsuit

The playsuit… I’ve learnt a lot about size selection and fitting since this make. Even through the heatwave of the past summer I didn’t wear it and I did wear some clothes normally only worn on holiday. Plus I had a big birthday this year and I’m not sure playsuits are right for my new age group. ‘Legs or chest but not both’ sprung to mind as I looked in the mirror.

Sporty Sorbetto

Gone…. too much wear and tear on a cheap fabric. I’d already repaired it twice.

Peach Vest1

I was a bit sad about this one but I’m trying to smarten myself up and bobbly, faded jersey doesn’t work with that. What I have learnt is that cheap fabric is not only a waste of money but also a waste of time spent on making something out of it only to get a few months of wear.

What else?

Well there were a few shop-bought dresses that are just too short for work and not the kind of thing I select at the weekend. A few bobbly shop-bought tops, a pair of pinky/purple jeans, a coat that is surplus to requirement, too tight shorts and an animal print skirt.

For the future?

I need to go for quality instead of quantity where fabric is concerned. This approach should also help me to reduce the size of my stash too.

It’s all very well lusting after gorgeous makes on other blogs but I’m not a pink and floral girl and animal print is a stretch too far for me. Even if the garment suits me, it won’t be worn or be enjoyed as much as it should. I guess what I’m learning is my ‘handmade style’. Plus I’m trying to dress more professionally at work – a small step towards promotion and the next stage of my career. Work-appropriate clothing will be a big part of my future sewing focus.

My tastes are changing. I like to be fashionable but I no longer feel comfortable in clothes targeted at girls 10 years younger than me.  Handily, indie pattern designers create individual style and sewing your my clothes in general means that I can put my own spin on a fashion neutral garment or alter an in-vogue style to make it more appropriate to my tastes.

So the three questions to ask myself when reading blogs, looking at new patterns or dreaming up sewing makes:

Do I need it?
Will I wear it?
Will it last?


6 responses to “More than just the contents of a bag for a charity shop…

  1. Yes! Totally agree with the cheap fabric! However, sometimes I just can’t help myself on websites!

  2. Your post has really resonated with me! I had a similar experience when surveying my wardrobe recently and also when going through my sewing from a while back. So intellectually I know I should make less but better – any tips on how to put that truth into practice??

  3. I am totally stealing your 3 questions! My wardrobe is bursting the more I make. We need systems in place!! Thanks for the inspo

  4. I like your mantra! It’s so easy to get carried away with all the great patterns and fabrics out there instead of stopping to think about how the garment fits in our lifestyle. I’m due for a closet purge. Perhaps I need to keep these three questions in mind when I go for it.

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