Stash Delve: Pressing Roll

Pressing roll1

There’s something about generosity sewing that spurs me on with my own projects… so while I had the bag of sawdust out and was making a mess for Kathryn’s tailor’s ham I thought I’d make myself a pressing roll at the same time.

Pressing roll 2

I wasn’t going to bother blogging it but it appears that after a few months of use, the sawdust has compacted further (or the fabric has stretched?). My pressing roll is now a little wrinkly and bends in the middle. This hasn’t happened to my tailor’s ham though which I made back in April and gets much more use. Kathryn if you’ve got the same problem I’m really sorry!


One response to “Stash Delve: Pressing Roll

  1. I still love and use my pressing roll and ham! I think there might be a tiny bit of wrinkling in the middle of the roll but it doesn’t seem to affect using it at all. Still can’t thank you enough for them. Made a wool skirt this weekend and they came in very handy! x

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