*Is knitting to sewing what skiing is to snowboarding?

I only ask because I’ve read sewing bloggers apologise when posting a knitting project. Personally I think we should respect each others choice of craft and not be sniffy about mediums of creativity. But I realise I’m going out on a limb by posting my first knitting post 8 months after starting my (sewing) blog.


My productivity is far lower for knitting than for sewing but my generosity is far higher. The reason for these facts is that I knit in public but I sew in private. By this I mean I take any trip on public transport as an opportunity for knitting so my knitting comes with me on friends and family visits, where, I am invariably asked to knit the person I’m visiting something in their favourite colour! I’m not complaining, I like the trial run with someone else’s choice of pattern/yarn and if I think it has potential the second make, in a better pattern or better yarn, is for me (yeah, even my selflessness has limits!). Anyway, enough of my waffle this knitting project was born out of me just wanting to make something for me.

honey cowl 2

The honey cowl in aqua Debbis Bliss Cashmerino. I love how this looks with my charcoal grey jumper dress. So much so I’ve already cast on some wrist warmers to squeeze out of the last few meters of the cashmerino yarn. The pattern can be found in Learn to Knit, Love to Knit by Anna Wilkinson… which brings me back to how this rambling post started… I’ve made this pattern before, but not for me!



6 responses to “*Is knitting to sewing what skiing is to snowboarding?

  1. I did have a little chuckle to myself 🙂 I’ve seen apologies for showing knitting projects too! Then again my ‘sewing’ blog seems to have far more knitting. The things I sew always seem to get worn straight away so photo opportunities are curtailed. The cowl looks great. I have one in my queue in Rowan Cocoon as I’m trying to destatsh (failing miserably!).
    Louise x

  2. I don’t get the apology thing at all: the blog is mainly for the blogger, is it not? And the blogger gets to pick what goes on the blog, amiright? In any case, I didn’t know you were a knitter – yay! Lovely cowl and great that it matches your coat, plus bonus that you have a bit of yarn left over for mitts.

    • Yes, I agree with you when I read other blogs – there’s no need to apologise for the frequency of posts or the content… yet when I start to write I find myself falling into the same traps!

  3. Funny you said that – I read many apologies too. That’s why I thought I don’t call my blog a sewing blog but a handmade blog so I could feature everything without apology. But then only sewing projects have actually made it on my blog so far…
    Anyway: your cowl is lovely, especially with that dress!

  4. Great post:) I like the interesting texture of the cowl – it looks like it’d be very warm and cozy – and I also love the grey/sky blue color combination! Having caught the knitting bug I am happy to see a post on your blog about knitting:) It’s all DIY so I think why not share some knitting in a sewing blog – in fact I was inspired to start knitting after looking at knitting projects on another sewing blogs!

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