“There’s more to sex appeal than just measurements.”

A famous quote from Audrey Hepburn and totally appropriate for my first make of the Audrey Dress. Maria Denmark’s B cup or C cup sized pattern.

Maria Denmark Audrey Dress1

This is my ‘wearable toile’. That phrase makes me cringe so lets just call it “a practice make using fabric I wouldn’t cry over that turned out perfectly acceptable to wear in public”. It was the teal that attracted me (you know by now that I’m not a flowery girl) but I have to say florals are growing on me… *get it? see what I did there?*

Maria Denmark Audrey Dress2

I have a confession. I’m a naughty home sewer. I didn’t add a seam allowance. Oh go on, snitch on me to the head (seam)mistress – I can take detention as a consequence of my actions, or maybe a punishment befitting of my unacceptable behavior.


11 responses to ““There’s more to sex appeal than just measurements.”

  1. How is the fit on you? Will you wear your ‘wearable toile’? I like the teal – I think the pattern isn’t too flowery due to the more subtle colour palette.

  2. I think head mistress should lock you right in your sewing room where you could spend your detention doing more sewing! I really like the flowers – with those colours they remind me more of a day in Provence rather than a full blown flower garden.

  3. Will you be making more of these? It looks fab on your dress form so it likely looks even better on you!

    • I certainly will be making more… I have a few ideas for variations too. My photographer has been away for 3 weeks so that’s why my dress form is getting the modeling jobs at the moment!

  4. I love the Audrey dress too, you’re right, it’s very flattering and ….so easy to make up. Love the fabric and florals 🙂

  5. It’s lovely! I’d like to see it on you to know how the pattern looks in ‘real life’.

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