The six thousandth six thousand dress

Like the whack-a-mole game you just never know when another New Look 6000 will pop up.

NL6000 (4)

Let’s talk about fit. The small ripple across my hips almost disappears when I stand up straight…

NL6000 (2)

See? But for my next make of this pattern I’ll add a little more ease around my hips to get rid of it completely. What doesn’t disappear no matter how much smoothing of standing tall I do is the ‘n’ shaped ripple under my bust. What adjustment do I need to do for this fitting issue please?

NL6000 (5)

The fit in the back is pretty good though. I took out some back neck gape before attaching the zip.

I went all out stash busting for this make: The thread is left over from a Roman blind make a few years ago, the brown wool-mix scratchy stuff and the Chinese brocade I used for lining were in my acquired stash. Scratchy but free fabric meant that I was annoyed but not too cross with myself when this happened…


Overlocker incident No. 1. I’m surprised to have owned the machine for 5 months before the first incident occurred and luckily it only caught the lining not the shell fabric.


Despite my frivolity for the final photograph, I’m not completely happy with this dress yet… and so not done with the pattern either!


12 responses to “The six thousandth six thousand dress

  1. I really like the fabric you’ve used, makes a great work look.
    I have this pattern and so far it’s never quite worked for me – not sure what I’m doing wrong as everyone else seems to adore it 🙂

  2. I’m actually writing up a post right now about my own issues with this pattern! I went with the side-pleated version and just about everything went wrong – I’m relieved just to have finished it tbh. Yours looks really good in these pics, those cuffed sleeves are great!

  3. Love the bright lining you chose! As for fit, I think the “n” shaped issue is because you need more room at the bust, and I would not go about it by adding ease at the sides but rather, by making a tiny FBA. I think the “n” is there because the fabric is pulling up a bit. Of course I could be completely wrong on this. Overall I think you are very close to achieving perfect fit on this pattern, and this current make is quite a good fit to, so you should not think twice about wearing it. It does look good!

  4. great dress, you look so nice wearing it too!

  5. I think the fit looks great! I don’t ‘know what’s causing that wrinkling around the bust area. I was actually going to suggest that maybe it’s too big and the fabric is ‘falling’ and you need an SBA, but then I saw the comment above stating the opposite, LOL. So, I’m not much help there.

  6. Fitting is one thing I am determined to get better at so I am no help to you. All I can say is the pattern is made for you and I’m glad you’re not finished with it yet. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  7. Wishing you a magical Christmas season and all the good things in 2014! 🙂

  8. Very suave! I love the sleeve details. Good luck on your next New Look 6000 – you can see this one as a wearable muslim – and your next dress will be all sorts of awesome ; )
    Have a fabulous festive Christmas and have a sewingly super 2014.

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