Sew Spoilt

I’m not one for crafty themed resolutions, if I want to make/learn something I just do it regardless of whether it’s the start of a new year or not.The exception to this will be Stash Diet 2014 – I’m working on a meal plan for this diet at the moment so more to come in a separate post! I also thought that a review of productivity would be better in March to celebrate 1 year of blogging. So in a twist to these currently popular post themes, I’m going to show off my Christmas presents!

It turns out that while I was busy creating presents for my loved ones (sewing gifts and knitting gifts) they were seeking out some amazing presents for me. A fantastic camera which I was so pleased to receive – no more dead pixel line in my photographs (can you suffer a few more posts that were photographed before Christmas?).

From now on my handmade gifts will be obvious without people asking due to these most excellent labels (sneak peak at the fabric for a January make too).


For knitting I received a cupcake knitting bag, finger yarn guide, knitting bobbins and spiral needle holders.Knitting presents

For future make inspiration and guidance I received Gertie’s Book and Knitting by Design (three projects worth of yarn have already been ordered!).


A little sewing box with pin cushion lid.


The cutest sewing machine charm for my charm bracelet (now groaning through the generosity of a life-time of charm gifts from family). However, this is the first sewing themed charm so I’m excited to add it to the plethora of other me-related charms.


And the heavy hinting I did while watching the Christmas special of Great British Sewing Bee paid off with these chalk markers.


Totally spoilt huh? Right back to those self-imposed rules for Stash Diet 2014!


6 responses to “Sew Spoilt

  1. Sewing prezzies are always the best!

  2. You must have been really good during the last year! Great presents! I have been stalking these chalk markers for ages but was never sure whether they are so much better than just normal chalk.

    • I had a little play today. Since the chalk is dispensed from a rotating wheel, they seem to drag less than the chalk pencils I used to use – better on lightweight and stretch fabric since the lines are more accurate when the fabric isn’t distorted. Probably not much difference on stiffer or heavier weight fabrics.

  3. Lovely gifts and what thoughtful family/friends you have. Glad to hear you will be joining the Stash Diet and I look forward to seeing what fun things you make in 2014.

  4. You were so lucky that is a fabulous haul! Best wishes for your 2014 sewing.

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