Relieving wardrobe jealousy – Simplicity 4044

Why lust after someone else’s trousers when you can sew your own? I’ve been planning this make since seeing Shannon’s gorgeous grey retro trousers which gave me an instant wardrobe crush!!! 

Suiting FabricFabric: Herringbone suiting from a shop on Walthamstow High Street, London (there was no sign above the door!). It is strokably soft and has a great trousery drape (yes, two made up words in one sentence!).
Pattern: Simplicity 4044

It’s been a slow burner of a project… after the first toile I realised I needed some expert help so I purchased ‘Sewing Pants That Fit‘. The 3 week wait for delivery from America was worth it, I can’t recommend this book enough. It guided me through each alteration and gave good advice about the order of alterations, measuring the pattern pieces before making a toile and final fitting tips. So the photos might be hilarious but the information is seriously good.


Ahem… moving on. No sorry, one last giggle at the purple jodhpurs. Ok, done.

It’s refreshing to have a wide-leg option to all the slim fitting styles I’ve been dependent on for the last few years and they look good with my recent blouse make too.

Simplicity 4044 front

To see the fit in the front now compared to my first toile  is a huge improvement.

Simplicity 4044 back

Once I had my pattern pieces finely tuned, the only other change I made was to  use an invisible zip instead of the lapped zip suggested in the pattern instructions.

Simplicity 4044 side

Those front pleats are just yum. And the other fun touch was blind hemming by machine. A nice return to an old friend as it was the second stitch setting I mastered to be able to take up long RTW trousers. I’ll be making my own from now on!


Fitting trousers was my contribution to The Monthly Stitch January Challenge of ‘New Year = New Skill’. Check out what other participants are making to learn their new skill.

11 responses to “Relieving wardrobe jealousy – Simplicity 4044

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  2. Congratultions! Great fit!

  3. Perfect!!! A fantastic challenge well met! And one I’m embarking on, so thanks for the book recommendation 😉

  4. Your trousers are lovely!! I am procrastinating a pair for myself, but I am so unsure of what style of trouser really suit me…. I would love a pair of 40s swing pants, but I am oddly shaped (very UNcurvy) and not totally sure I will *rock them*….

    Thanks for the book link! Will need to get a copy 😉

  5. These are beautiful! I am so very impressed!

  6. Ack I’m jealous of your trousers now!! These look great! Totally reminded me I need to pull mine out of the back of my closet. They are a little snug on me now so I must adjust or just put away the cookies!

  7. I may just have to get myself this book. I hardly ever buy trousers because they rarely fit. (Small waist, round bottom, big thighs.) I always have a gape at the back, the kind that when you sit down it shows things that you would rather not show to everyone.

    Nowadays I can often be seen in leggings or dare I say it, an elasticated waist. Making my own trousers could be the way forward. Hmmm!!!

  8. Excellent job; they look really good. I am about to get stuck in and make hubby trousers which is a first for me as he never got the benefit of my sewing with three children in the house!

  9. Hehehe – I had TWO pairs of jodhpurs back in the ’80s (not purple though) that I wore to death!

    These look so great. You got an excellent fit!

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