Not just another cowl

I justified yet another cowl make because this one is a möbius and that’s kinda cool. The pattern is the extremely popular on Ravelry and available for free. I used the recommended Malabrigo Rasta yarn in Azules but it was so difficult to choose even after eliminating all the colourways containing pink.

Bulky mobius cowlThis yarn bombed tree in Stratford-on-Avon provided the perfect opportunity for impromptu photography of my latest cowl (which was cast off some 5 weeks ago!).

To curb my cowl addiction and to challenge myself in knitting, I’m graduating from accessories to real clothing. It may be some time before my next knitting post – I only managed two rows last weekend!

4 responses to “Not just another cowl

  1. I laughed a bit when I read that you had a hard time choosing a colour: I always end up narrowing it down to pinks and blues and always takes me forever to decide! So, what is this new “real clothing” pattern you are working on? Totally curious.

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