Stash Delve: Vent lining practise

I wanted to learn how to sew a lining to a vent but when I realised it involved a bit of drafting as well, I had to have a practise go first. And a practise go means a quick delve into my stash pulling out something pink and floral (yack, ick and urgh) and a piece of lining too small for even a mini skirt! I guess what I’m saying is “don’t judge me on my choice of fabrics, it’s only a practise.”

Vent, what vent?

Vent, what vent?

Oh and I wasn’t trying to pattern match – just so we’re clear on that point too!

Lined Vent2

Can you see how my sample lining and shell are the same length? This is wrong. The lining needs to be hemmed before attaching the vent parts, then the shell is hemmed independently after the vent is completed.

Lined Vent3

The reason I made this error is because I couldn’t find a fully comprehensive tutorial or video that covered everything in one place. I had to cobble together learning resources from the following:

Best for drafting the lining pattern pieces
Best for considering lining length (but see next link for construction)
Best for attaching lining to shell (remembering the above consideration)
Best for hemming shell (but you’ll have to imagine the lining)

Lined Vent4


13 responses to “Stash Delve: Vent lining practise

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  2. Thank you for sharing those tips and links! (And I love how well you accidentally matched that pattern! 🙂 )

  3. Thank you so massively much for this! The last two skirts I tried with a lined vent ended up with some cobbled together solution, so I will follow all the links you provided with great interest. And (but don’t all the style police for this) I quite like the flowery fabric – I think it’s quite fetching in a retro sort of way.

    • I was thinking of putting together a comprehensive tutorial/sew-along for lined vents… do you think there’d be much interest?
      I can see the retro appeal but I have an unexplained repulsion from pink and floral… both together tips me over the edge. This sample used up all that I had or I’d have happily posted it to you!

      • I would be first in line for any lined-vent-demystifying activities! And I am sure the rest of the Monthly Stitch crew would love them as well!

  4. I think there would be great interest in a comprehensive tutorial for a lined vent. All in one place!

  5. Nice job!!! I finished my skirt which has a inverted box kick pleat and I had no idea how to line it. The directions in the book were no help at all, so I made up how to do it. I will have a look at the links you’ve posted.

  6. This is such a great post, thanks for sharing your research. This is what the blogging community is all about for me.

  7. Thanks for the links Emma Jayne. And what a great idea to use smaller pieces of stashed fabric to practice a new technique.

  8. Nice work on those pleats – Its a great idea to try out on stash fabric, particularly ones you don’t like ; )
    Just those you should check out this post because you have been looking out for workout patterns

  9. I love that floral fabric!

    Thanks again for these links. As soon as I get a good fit on my pencil skirt, I’m going to learn how to do a vent properly!

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