More hacking than a cat with hair balls…

After the not so pleasant title, please may I present to you the delightful results of hacking Maria Denmark’s Audrey dress with April Rhodes’ Staple dress

Sage Audrey Staple

Of course there is more than one way to skin a cat (sorry, cat theme today). I considered creating this look by lengthening Megan Neilsen’s Briar top, fitting it in the waist and adding some Audrey-style back darts. I couldn’t go down that route without perfecting the fit of the Briar arms and shoulders first (= too much like hard work). So, I traced the Audrey dress pattern to the hips making sure to carefully mark the waistline. I lined up the Staple dress pattern with my waistline marking and blended from the hip to the dip.

Sage Audrey Staple 2

The fabric is bamboo jersey and was bought in August 2013 (pat on the back for me keeping up with Stash Diet 2014) at Truro Fabrics the same time as I bought the fabric for my original Staple Dress. Just one more fabric to sew and that’s the Truro haul sewn up. Woo

Sage Audrey Staple 3

15 responses to “More hacking than a cat with hair balls…

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  2. fabric made out of bamboo? what will they think up next? Love that it is a natural “fiber”, right? Does it get static-y and clingy? I so have to expand my fabric boundries (but not until I use up a good portion of my stash!)

  3. Looks good!! Had to laugh at your title. Beeeen there!!!

  4. Heyyy, Nice frankenpatterning! Nice drape to it. And, I love bamboo jersey. I bought some last year but still have not sewn anything with it. (Kitty says to tell you he is not impressed with the ‘skin a cat’ remark 🙂 )

  5. Beautiful job and congrats on stash diet.

  6. Cute dress! Ooh, that would look really great with a wider belt, perhaps even an elastic one?

  7. Ooooh, I really like this!

  8. Oh what a lovely dress and bamboo bet it is so snugly and soft!
    I love bamboo fabrics!

  9. Your dress is great and so versatile and you look super cute in it Emma Jayne! I bet you get a ton of wear from it because I can see it extend into spring with some ballet flats and a cardi, right?

    • Yes, it’s so versatile. If it wasn’t for my Stash Diet pledge, I’d be buying more plain bamboo jersey and sewing up a wardrobe full with this pattern hack!

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