Stash Delve: Needle book

Swamped by scrap fabric (also part of my Stash Diet 2014) and embarrassed that my last stash delve was so long ago, I stopped sitting on my hands and got on with it. Just a little make to ease me back into the routine – you see if I’m honest I don’t enjoy these little makes anywhere near as much as getting stuck into a real toile-fitting-altering-maybe another toile-fashion fabric-celebrate a new outfit type of a project.


Anyway time for a new needle book with careful consideration about the issues my old needle book had:

1. Not enough ‘pages’
2. Foolish interfacing of the pages
3. Poorly clipped and turned out corners
4. Weak attachment of the loop (it bust on the first use)


And some thought on what I liked about my old needle book:

1. The button – which was re-used for this make.



3 responses to “Stash Delve: Needle book

  1. Lovely. I’ve made a couple of these. I love your fabric.

  2. Cute! Are the pages felt? I have never made one of these but I like it!

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