Stash Delve: Bias binding

Bias binding strips

At peak head traffic times I know it’s best not to pick up an important sewing project. Instead I’ve made bias binding from left over scraps of lawn (pattern hacked blouse) and cotton (vintage blouse) and stored them how I store my ribbons. Not so much of a stash busting activity, more just moving it from my scraps box to my trims tin via the cutting board. Here’s the lawn in action as a bias bound hem:

Bias bound hem

Let’s talk about cutting bias binding for a moment… there’s a continuous method which people rave about… umm not me. Why would I use scissors when there’s an excuse to get my cutting board and rotary cutter out?

3 responses to “Stash Delve: Bias binding

  1. Great idea! I usually keep my ribbons and things on old cotton spools but yours looks a better way as they’ll lie flatter.
    You could write on the card how much trim is on each one 😃✂️

  2. My problem with the continuous bias tape method is that you get so many seams. I prefer to have as few seams as possible in mine and if that means I have to get more fabric so be it.

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