Are you feeling bossy?

The votes rolled in for The Monthly Stitch (TMS) theme for March and in the lead by a long way was “Pattern Stash Busting”. But those TMS ladies are sneaky. They’ve upped the stakes and invited Miss Bossy Patterns into the collective.

Here are three patterns in my pattern stash that I haven’t made yet:

Butterick 4214a) Butterick 4214 (bib-front sailor trousers)

Simplicity 7045b) Simplicity 7045 (angel sleeve dress)

Burda 09/2012

c) Burda 09/2012 (sheath dress)

So come on, get bossy and tell me which one I’ll be sewing up for March on TMS.

Less of a Miss Bossy and more of a Miss Nosey? You can see my full pattern collection here.

21 responses to “Are you feeling bossy?

  1. Oh, I TOTALLY voted for and think you should make Butterick 4214, the Sailor culottes! I have that pattern as well but have not made it yet! Would love to see it sewn up in the real world and then when I sew mine….twinsies! (p.s., I just posted my Miss Bossy Patterns voting poll on my blog too, pop over if you get a change and vote!)

    • I’m glad you voted for that one as it was you who brought it to my attention when I was looking for bib front sailor trousers (I could call you a bad influence but it was me who purchased it!!!). Going to vote on your blog now….

      • Ha ha!! I didn’t even know that you could still buy it somewhere. Nice scouting! I am honoured to be your bib front sailor 1970s culottes pushing ‘man’. 🙂

  2. I so want that 4214 pattern so like Gjeometry I’ve voted for that!

  3. I did some culottes similar to these from a Vintage pattern. I like them a lot. So, that’s a good one, but have a second vote for the centre version of 7045 because the trumpet sleeves look interesting.

  4. I was just looking at the Burda dress for myself yesterday! I vote for that one!

  5. Voted! Where did you get the design for your voting? Love that picture – too cute! Would like to use it for mine , if possible…

    • I just clicked through to your blog and because you use wordpress you will be able to use the same poll as me. When you create a blog post there is a “Add poll” button (it’s next to the “Add media” button. You can write the text and options for your poll there. And there is also an option to change the design of too.

  6. Voted! I love those bib front sailor trousers- I want some! Can’t wait to see what you make!

  7. I voted for the Simplicity 7045 – yes, the trumpet sleeves version looks cool.

  8. Butterick 4214 for sure! Those are too cute

  9. it’s such a relief to let my bossy nature out! I spend all my life trying to hide it. Do the Butterick 4214 just for fun….. damn it !!!

  10. what a great challenge! I voted for Simplicity – would love too see it made up! the sleeves remind me of the Peplum Sleeve Dress pattern in the Feb issue of Burdastyle which I really like:

  11. I like the Angel sleeve dress

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