Lined vent-along: Sewing the lining

Now that we’ve drafted our pattern pieces for the lining and cut them out we need to do some construction.

1. With your lining pieces right sides together, pin along the centre back lining seam. I like to mark with two pins, 5/8 inch away from where the right back lining piece starts to curve away – you’ll need to turn your work over to see this.

Right piece on top

Right piece on top

Left piece on top

Left piece on top

2. Sew the centre back seam, back stitching where you marked (notice it is a fair distance from the dot we marked on our pattern pieces).

Lined Vent 24

3. Press the seam open.

Lined Vent 25
3. Construct your skirt/dress using the remaining lining pieces according to your pattern instructions but leaving the vent open at this stage.
4. Hem your lining (we decided our hem allowances in the previous post). For the sample, fold under ¼ inch then fold up a 1 inch hem.

Lined Vent 26
5. Finish the seam allowance on the lining. It is possible to finish the seam allowances after attaching the lining to the shell at the vent but it’s a lot easier to do it at this stage. It is important not to trim any seam allowance away at the vent, not to alter the curves of the vent extension or obscure the notches so the easiest option is a zig zag stitch right along the edge. (If you are a whiz with an overlocker and promise not to stretch out the vent curves or trim the seam allowance then go for it!)

Lined Vent 27

Now we are as far as we can go constructing the shell and lining separately. In the next post I’ll provide some guidance to the order of construction for making a skirt or a dress.


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