Lined vent sew-along: Mitered Hem

Got your lining attached to your shell fabric at the vent? Are you ready for some fancy mitered corner sewing? Let’s go.

I’m using a lighter colour of fabric to demonstrate this because my marks were difficult to see in photographs of my sample lined vent.

1. First fold under ¼ inch and press. Then fold up a 1 inch hem and press. Mark on the edge (unfolded) where the folded hem reaches (On a lined vent this would be just under where the lining hem edge is).

Mitered Corner Hem 1

2. Unfold the hem but not the ¼ inch turn. Fold the seam allowance of the vent and mark where that reaches on the edge of the turn.

Mitered Corner Hem 2

3. Unfold the seam allowance and mark where the pressing lines intersect. This is where we want the tip of the corner to be.

Mitered Corner Hem 3

4. Folding right sides together, line up the two edge marks (remember to keep your 1/4 inch folded). Ensure that the mark on the intersection of the pressing lines is on this new fold.

Mitered Corner Hem 4

5. Sew from the mark on the fold towards the hem marks, backstitching to secure in place.

Mitered Corner Hem 5

6. Trim the excess fabric.

Mitered Corner Hem 6

7. Turn through and press in place.

Mitered Corner Hem 7

8. Repeat for the other side of the vent then sew the hem in place.

Damson Gin Dress Lined Vent

Sew the rest of the hem in place and you’re done!

Did you hear that? It was a big sigh of relief from me as I’ve finished the series of tutorials for the lined vent sew-along. I’d love to see what you’ve made during the sew-along so leave a link in the comments or email me a photo to clippedcurves{a}gmail{dot}com

I’m still here to help if you have any questions on this or any of the previous posts.


9 responses to “Lined vent sew-along: Mitered Hem

  1. You have me in tears of joy here! I have been trying forever (using the famed, Chris-patented method of “Let’s do this somehow and worry about strategy later”) to mitre a hem, with mixed results at best- now finally I can use the Clipped-Curves method of “Know how to do this and just do it”.

    • Oh I’m pleased. It’s basic geometry but I know that not everyone thinks spatially. So, I really tried hard to describe it in a way that would make sense to most people regardless of geometry.

      • I will try this asap, I am just working on a dress which I realised late in the game needs a vent. It’s not lined, but of course I want the mitred corners all the same.

  2. Thank you so much for posting such a detailed lined vent sew-along! I wasn’t organised enough to start with you but it’s brilliant to know that all of these posts are there when I need to look back at them. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hi!
    This was a really useful sew-along! Thank you so much. I have put a bit about it in my blog this week, with pics of my (almost) finished practice vent and a link to your blog.

    I will definitely be doing a lined vent on my next pencil skirt!
    Caroline x

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