Grey Check Work Skirt – with lined vent of course!

Grey Simplicity 2451

You all didn’t think I had my feet up during the sew-along did you? I was sewing-along too! I wanted to go back to the bloggers favourite skirt, Simplicity 2451, because it is this skirt that many people write on their blogs “I made the short length so I didn’t have to think about the vent.”  I have to admit that my first and second versions were short for that same reason.

Grey stripe Simplicity 2451

I had just one meter of this poly check suiting so cutting out required not only some thrifty pattern piece placement but also a bit of mind bending to get the checks on the pocket facings, side seams, back seam and waistband to (mostly) match up.

Simplicity 2451

Of course, if I wasn’t already known as Clipped Curves, I could have a new nom de plume ‘Lined Vent Lady’.

Simplicity 2451 with vent


13 responses to “Grey Check Work Skirt – with lined vent of course!

  1. I like your skirt! Mine will probably not be finished in time for the sewalong because I still need to start and don’t have much time this week. I will make one though! I thought your instructions were very clear.

  2. This looks great – that is some plaid matching! Of course the lined vent looks great too! I’ve enjoyed reAding these posts & will definitely refer to them if I make a skirt with a vent.

    • Thank you – yes the first time I’ve matched lines in both directions, previously only dealt with stripes, it was satisfying though. I’m glad you thought the posts would be useful for future reference.

  3. That plaid matching is spectacular! And the lined vent – well, what can I say… Perfection!

  4. Your skirt is just gorgeous! I am planning on working my way through all your great tutorials on the lined vent, but I’m going to have to wait until after some travel I’ve got coming up. I hope mine turn out half as nicely as yours!

  5. You look as pleased as punch! And you should be. Lovely skirt and a lovely vent. Hurrah!

  6. Yay!! Your skirt came out beautifully! I’m glad I have all these tutorials to bookmark and refer to.

  7. That’s lovely! I am thinking pale yellow for my next 2451, with a lined vent of course, now that I have finished my practice one 🙂

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