Stash Swapped Lilac Briar

Less than 3 weeks into Stash Diet 2014 I was having withdrawal symptoms from fabric shopping. Luckily Andrea, Gail and, swap organising veteran, Morgan came to my rescue with a swap to end all swaps (open to non-Stash Dieters and it’s on-going throughout the year on Flickr; rules, additional info). The exact swap details are flexible but most people are offering to send fabric/yarn/patterns if the postage costs are paid by the receiver. Reciprocal swaps are also occurring where each person pays the postage but also receives an item of their choosing in return. Stashes are being reduced, those on fabric abstinence are getting a little light relief in a guilt-free form and our group goal of reducing our stashes is being achieved.

So what I have been swapping?

To protect the identity of senders/receivers, I've been deliberately vague about their location... nothing to do with my poor geography!

To protect the identity of senders/receivers, I’ve been deliberately vague about their location… nothing to do with my poor geography!

I sent some 1970s poly fabric to Austria, red yarn to America (reciprocal swap), aqua floral fabric to Canada and a dress pattern to elsewhere in the UK. I have received three vintage patterns from America (reciprocal swap) and some lilac sweater knit from Canada.

I was certain that I didn’t want things I’d received to go from one stash to another so I got going with the lilac sweater knit that Kristin sent me the weekend after it arrived (6 weeks economy shipping from Canada was well worth the wait). Can you believe it’s been another 6 weeks for me to get round to posting this make? It’s just so cosy to wear that it slipped right into my regularly worn clothing rotation and fell off my blog post radar.

I made an executive design decision to use the wrong side of the knit. Less fluffy, more texture. Although using the 'wrong' side did trouble me - I'm goodie goodie two shoes at heart!

I made an executive design decision to use the wrong side of the knit then my first seam was sewn right sides together and suddenly I was using the right side of the fabric after all!

I knew even before the parcel was delivered that I was going to make a Briar top with the fabric. Although I want to make the Briar top and bit more fitted and perfect the arm/shoulder area following my first time using this pattern… a sweater knit was not the right fabric type to start tweaking these aspects when future makes are likely to be cotton jersey. Plus a sweater knit calls for slouchy, comfy and loosely fitting so I knew I could get away with it.

sweater knit briar a

It took quite some time and lots of scraps to get the settings on my overlocker right but after that the fabric (my first time using this type of loose knitted stuff) sewed up like a dream.

sweater knit briar b

In contrast to my overlocker being a bit fussy, my sewing machine loved twin needle stitching the hem and sleeves. It worked perfectly first time on a piece of scrap fabric with no need to faff about with the tension or stitch length and there are no skipped stitches.

sweater knit briar f

I used the longer length of the pattern options to get good bum coverage and allow for wearing with leggings.

Thanks again to Kristin for offering this fabric up for swaps. Since it’s quite distinctive fabric and I had plenty leftover, I’ve put the remaining part back into the Stash Diet Swap.


6 responses to “Stash Swapped Lilac Briar

  1. Your sweater looks so fancy! I’m impressed that you had a pattern in mind, too. Way to swap!

  2. Nice! I love it that it took you so long to blog this because you were so busy wearing it, LOL!

    I think you might be our A-#1 swapper! I’ve only been able to give away one piece of rayon and a couple of patterns. And I’ve received a lovely piece of French terry from Morgan that I intend to make into a Breton top very soon. I got it in January and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to wear said top for months didn’t provide me with the motivation to make it! But I do believe that spring is almost here 🙂

    • I’ve enjoyed the swapping process so far and I have plenty to offer into the swap since I acquired another lady’s lifetime stash for a donation to charity.

  3. Very nice sweater! Definitely the perfect length for leggings… 🙂

  4. Oooh looky an asymmetric hem. I LIKE IT! Love that it’s all down to swapping too!

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